Climate and Natural Vegetation Multiple Choice Questions and Answers 12 PDF Book Download

Climate and natural vegetation multiple choice questions and answers (MCQs), climate and natural vegetation quiz answers, test prep 12 to learn grade 6 geography for online certificate programs. Earth main ecosystems MCQs, climate and natural vegetation quiz questions and answers for online certificate courses. Learn earth main ecosystems, coniferous forest, tropical grasslands, tropical rainforest biome test prep for online school classes.

Learn elementary school geography MCQs: earth main ecosystems, coniferous forest, tropical grasslands, tropical rainforest biome, with choices thick, thin, moderate, and none of the above for online certificate courses. Free geography study guide for online learning earth main ecosystems quiz questions to attempt multiple choice test for online classes.

MCQs on Climate and Natural Vegetation Worksheets 12 PDF Book Download

MCQ: Root system present in trees of tropical rainforests to absorb nutrients in top most layer of soil is

  1. shallow root system
  2. deep root system
  3. buttress root system
  4. dormant root system


MCQ: Layer of soil in coniferous forests is usually

  1. thin
  2. thick
  3. moderate
  4. none of the above


MCQ: Location of tropical grasslands on locator is

  1. 10° north and 30° south
  2. 15° north and 45° south
  3. 5° north and 30° south
  4. 20° north and 33° south


MCQ: Height of trees in shrub layer of deciduous forests is up to

  1. 8 meters
  2. 12 meters
  3. 10 meters
  4. 5 meters


MCQ: Considering Earth's biomes, most fertile type of soil is available in

  1. temperate grasslands
  2. tropical monsoon forests
  3. temperate deciduous forests
  4. tropical rainforests