Pronoun Exercise Multiple Choice Questions and Answers 3 PDF Download

Study pronoun exercise multiple choice questions, grade 6 online english 3, pronoun multiple choice questions with answers as which is the interrogative pronoun in the sentence "who was there? i couldn't see.", below. Free assessment test for online study pronoun quiz questions to attempt multiple choice questions based test.

MCQs on Pronoun Exercise - Quiz 3

MCQ: Which is interrogative pronoun in sentence "Who was there? I couldn't see."

  1. Who
  2. I
  3. was
  4. there


MCQ: Which is reflexive pronoun in sentence "She blamed myself for this situation."

  1. she
  2. this
  3. for
  4. myself


MCQ: Which is subject pronoun in sentence "She came to me for help."

  1. she
  2. for
  3. help
  4. me


MCQ: Which is object pronoun in sentence "John wants to talk her."

  1. her
  2. to
  3. John
  4. wants


MCQ: Which is reciprocal pronoun in sentence "When I asked a question, they saw each other."

  1. I
  2. each other
  3. when
  4. they