Sound Multiple Choice Questions 3 PDF Download

Learn sound MCQs, grade 10 physics test 3 for online courses learning and test prep, reflection (echo) multiple choice questions and answers. Reflection (echo) revision test includes physics worksheets to learn for online high school physics class course test.

Physics multiple choice questions (MCQ) on echoes maybe heard more than once due to with options single time reflection, multiple reflections, refraction and diffraction of waves, reflection (echo) quiz for competitive exam prep, viva interview questions with answers key. Free physics study guide to learn reflection (echo) quiz to attempt multiple choice questions based test.

MCQs on Sound Quiz PDF Download Worksheets 3

MCQ. Echoes maybe heard more than once due to

  1. multiple reflections
  2. single time reflection
  3. refraction
  4. diffraction of waves


MCQ. SONAR is abbreviation of

  1. small navigation and random
  2. sky navigation and ranging
  3. sun nuclear ranging
  4. sound navigation and ranging


MCQ. Old people can not hear sounds even above

  1. 5,000 Hz
  2. 15,000 Hz
  3. 10,000 Hz
  4. 8,000 Hz


MCQ. Sound waves are

  1. Longitudinal
  2. Transverse
  3. Electromagnetic
  4. Only magnetic


MCQ. Intensity level of rustling of leaves is

  1. 25 dB
  2. 0 dB
  3. 10 dB
  4. 100 dB