Sound Multiple Choice Questions and Answers 21 PDF Download

Sound multiple choice questions, learn grade 10 physics online test prep 21 for high school online courses, distance learning for exam prep. Practice characteristics of sound multiple choice questions (MCQs), sound quiz questions and answers for physics class for online mastering physics courses distance learning.

Study high school physics multiple choice questions (MCQs): normal conversation have sound intensities of 3×10-6wm-2. decibel level for intensity is , for free online courses with choices 64.8 db, 50 db, 70.5 db, and 48.8 db, characteristics of sound quiz for 10th grade school students for online learning 10th grade physics worksheets. Free physics study guide for online learning characteristics of sound quiz questions to attempt multiple choice questions based test.

MCQs on Sound Worksheets 21 Quiz PDF Download

MCQ: A normal conversation have sound intensities of 3×10-6Wm-2. decibel level for intensity is

  1. 50 dB
  2. 64.8 dB
  3. 70.5 dB
  4. 48.8 dB


MCQ: Level of noise recommended in most countries over an eight-hour workday is usually

  1. 65-70 dB
  2. 85-90 dB
  3. 75-80 dB
  4. 45-50 dB


MCQ: If a nurse counts 68 heartbeats in 1 minute, then period of heartbeats should be

  1. 1.9 s
  2. 2 s
  3. 0.88 s
  4. 3 s


MCQ: Human voice results from vibration of

  1. ears
  2. heart
  3. vocal chords
  4. muscles


MCQ: As compare to air, sound waves travel

  1. 3 times faster
  2. 5 times slower
  3. 5 times faster
  4. 2 times lower