Sound Multiple Choice Questions and Answers 18 PDF Book Download

Sound MCQs, sound quiz answers 18 to learn high school physics courses online. Sound and sound waves multiple choice questions (MCQs), sound quiz questions and answers for online school degrees. Characteristics of sound, audible frequency range, echo of sound, importance of acoustics test for high school teacher certification.

Learn high school physics multiple choice questions (MCQs): range of frequencies which a human ear can hear is called the, with choices loudness of sound, pitch of sound, audible frequency range, and quality of sound for online school degrees. Free physics study guide for online learning sound and sound waves quiz questions to attempt multiple choice questions based test.

MCQ on Sound Worksheets 18 PDF Book Download

MCQ: Characteristic of sound by which we can distinguish between two sounds of same loudness and pitch is known as

  1. loudness
  2. pitch
  3. quality
  4. intensity


MCQ: Range of frequencies which a human ear can hear is called

  1. pitch of sound
  2. loudness of sound
  3. audible frequency range
  4. quality of sound


MCQ: Sensation of sound persists in our brain for about

  1. 0.1 s
  2. 0.5 s
  3. 0.3 s
  4. 0.4 s


MCQ: Decibel scale is a logarithm measure of amplitude of

  1. sound waves
  2. light waves
  3. heat waves
  4. electric current


MCQ: Soft materials absorb large amount of

  1. heat energy
  2. light energy
  3. electromagnetic waves
  4. sound energy