Simple Harmonic Motion and waves Multiple Choice Questions and Answers 8 PDF Download

Learn simple harmonic motion and waves multiple choice questions, grade 10 physics online test 8 for high school degree online courses, distance learning for exam prep. Practice simple harmonic motion multiple choice questions (MCQs), simple harmonic motion and waves quiz questions and answers for physics class for online learning physics for beginners courses distance learning.

Study high school physics multiple choice questions (MCQs): force that pulls mass towards mean position is called, for free online courses with choices frictional force, gravitational force, torque, and restoring force, simple harmonic motion quiz with questions to ask in an interview in teachers jobs interview of high school teachers. Free physics study guide for online learning simple harmonic motion quiz questions to attempt multiple choice questions based test.

MCQs on Simple Harmonic Motion and waves Worksheets 8 Quiz PDF Download

MCQ: Force that pulls mass towards mean position is called

  1. Gravitational force
  2. Frictional force
  3. Torque
  4. Restoring force


MCQ: If a simple pendulum is 1.0 m long and force of gravity acting on it is 10.0 ms-2, then it's period and frequency are

  1. 1.99s and 0.50Hz
  2. 2s and 60Hz
  3. 5s and 40Hz
  4. 4s and 60Hz


MCQ: Potential energy of mass attached to spring at extreme position is

  1. maximum
  2. minimum
  3. zero
  4. moderate


MCQ: A human ear can oscillate back and fourth up to

  1. 18,000 times per second
  2. 200 times per second
  3. 20,000 times per second
  4. 100 times per second


MCQ: A device to produce water waves and to study their characteristics is known as

  1. screw gauge
  2. ripple tank
  3. measuring cylinder
  4. wave container