Simple Harmonic Motion and Waves Multiple Choice Questions and Answers 12 PDF Book Download

Simple harmonic motion and waves MCQs, simple harmonic motion and waves quiz answers 12 to learn high school physics courses online. Simple harmonic motion multiple choice questions (MCQs), simple harmonic motion and waves quiz questions and answers for online school degrees. Physics: acoustics, simple harmonic motion, wave motion, physics: shm test for high school teacher certification.

Learn high school physics multiple choice questions (MCQs): acceleration and displacement of a mass attached to spring is, with choices directly proportional to each other, inversely proportional to each other, inversly related to each other, and directly related to each other for online school degrees. Free physics study guide for online learning simple harmonic motion quiz questions to attempt multiple choice questions based test.

MCQ on Simple Harmonic Motion and waves Worksheets 12 PDF Book Download

MCQ: Earthquake produces waves through crust of Earth in form of

  1. longitudinal waves
  2. mechanical waves
  3. electromagnetic waves
  4. seismic waves


MCQ: Acceleration and displacement of a mass attached to spring is

  1. Inversely proportional to each other
  2. Directly proportional to each other
  3. Inversly related to each other
  4. Directly related to each other


MCQ: Motion of particles about their mean position in regular intervals of time is called

  1. wave
  2. frequency
  3. gravity
  4. resistance


MCQ: If spring is stretched or compressed through a small displacement x from its mean position, then on mass it exerts a

  1. strain
  2. stress
  3. energy
  4. force


MCQ: A force that is always pushed or pulls object performing oscillatory motion towards mean position is called

  1. restoring force
  2. net force
  3. negative force
  4. zero force