Information and Communication Technology Multiple Choice Questions and Answers 10 PDF Download

Learn information and communication technology MCQs, grade 10 physics test 10 for online learning courses and test prep. Internet multiple choice questions (MCQs), information and communication technology quiz questions and answers include physics worksheets for online physics terms courses distance learning.

Physics multiple choice questions (MCQ): term e-mail stands for with options electronic mail, emergency mail, extra mail and external mail, internet quiz for 10th grade school students for online learning 10th grade physics worksheets. Free physics study guide to learn internet quiz to attempt multiple choice questions based test.

MCQs on Information and Communication Technology Worksheets 10 Quiz PDF Download

MCQ: Term e-mail stands for

  1. emergency mail
  2. electronic mail
  3. extra mail
  4. external mail


MCQ: Geographical area covered by single base station is called

  1. unit
  2. cell
  3. software house
  4. quarter


MCQ: Facts and figures used by programs to produce information is

  1. code
  2. language
  3. data
  4. program


MCQ: Term hardware refers to

  1. computer manuals
  2. computer programs
  3. machinery
  4. both computer programs and manuals


MCQ: To store data permanently in computer, we use

  1. primary memory
  2. temporary memory
  3. secondary memory
  4. variable memory