Geometrical Optics Multiple Choice Questions 33 PDF Download

Learn geometrical optics MCQs, grade 10 physics test 33 for online learning courses and test prep, refraction of light multiple choice questions and answers. Refraction of light revision test includes physics worksheets to learn for online 11th physics courses distance learning.

Physics multiple choice questions (MCQ): when light travels in water or glass, its speed with options remains constant, increases, becomes zero and decreases, refraction of light quiz with online job interview questions and answers for formative assessment in competitive exams. Free physics study guide to learn refraction of light quiz to attempt multiple choice questions based test.

MCQs on Geometrical Optics Quiz PDF Download Worksheets 33

MCQ: When light travels in water or glass, its speed

  1. increases
  2. remains constant
  3. becomes zero
  4. decreases


MCQ: If object is towards left side of lens, it is said to be

  1. real object
  2. virtual object
  3. small object
  4. thick object


MCQ: Any transparent material having two surfaces of which at least one is curved is called

  1. endoscope
  2. lens
  3. light pipe
  4. microscope


MCQ: A mirror whose inner curved surface is reflecting is

  1. concave mirror
  2. convex mirror
  3. concave lens
  4. convex lens


MCQ: SI unit for power of lens is

  1. Watt
  2. Dioptre
  3. Meter
  4. Seconds