Electrostatics Multiple Choice Questions and Answers 15 PDF eBook Download

Learn electrostatics Multiple Choice Questions and Answers (MCQs), electrostatics quiz answers pdf, test prep 15 to study high school physics for online degree courses. Practice different types of capacitors MCQs, electrostatics quiz questions and answers for distance learning. Learn production of electric charges, electroscope, electric potential, electric field and electric field intensity, electrostatic potential test prep for virtual high school.

Practice electrostatics MCQ: Study of charges at rest is called, with choices heat electricity, chemical electricity, static electricity, and mechanical electricity for distance learning. Free physics study guide for online learning different types of capacitors quiz questions for online schools.

Electrostatics MCQs Quiz 15 PDF eBook Download

MCQ: Study of charges at rest is called

  1. chemical electricity
  2. heat electricity
  3. static electricity
  4. mechanical electricity


MCQ: By using electroscope, if body is negatively charged then due to electrostatic induction, then on disk there will be appear

  1. both positive and negative charges
  2. negative charge
  3. positive charge
  4. no charge


MCQ: Electron in a hydrogen atom experiences an electric field from atom's nucleus in order of

  1. 1012 NC-1
  2. 1011 NC-1
  3. 1015 NC-1
  4. 108 NC-1


MCQ: Lines of electric field were introduced by

  1. Newton
  2. Michael Faraday
  3. John burges
  4. Henry Pascal


MCQ: A charge in electric field always

  1. moves from lower potential to higher potential
  2. moves from higher potential to lower potential
  3. stay at higher potential
  4. stay at lower potential