Electromagnetism Multiple Choice Questions 8 PDF Download

Learn electromagnetism MCQs, grade 10 physics test 8 for online learning courses and test prep, high voltage transmission multiple choice questions and answers. High voltage transmission revision test includes physics worksheets to learn for online physics 1 courses distance learning.

Physics multiple choice questions (MCQ): at city sub station ac is stepped down to with choices 120 v, 130 v, 320 v and 220 v, high voltage transmission quiz with online trivia questions from physics notes and physics projects to prepare for final exams. Free physics study guide to learn high voltage transmission quiz to attempt multiple choice questions based test.

MCQs on Electromagnetism Quiz PDF Download Worksheets 8

MCQ: At city sub station AC is stepped down to

  1. 130 V
  2. 120 V
  3. 320 V
  4. 220 V


MCQ: A step done transformer has a turns ratio of 100 : 1. An ac voltage of amplitude 170 V is applied to primary. If current is 1 mA in primary, current in secondary should be

  1. 0.5 A
  2. 0.1 A
  3. 0.2 A
  4. 0.6 A


MCQ: Generators produce electric current due to movement of wires near

  1. metals
  2. small magnets
  3. very large magnets
  4. gases


MCQ: An electrical switch that opens and closes under control of another electrical circuit is called

  1. fuse
  2. relay
  3. breaker
  4. transformer


MCQ: Direction of force on a current-carrying wire in a magnetic field can by found by using

  1. left hand grip rule
  2. right hand grip rule
  3. Fleming's left hand rule
  4. Fleming's right hand rule