Electromagnetism Multiple Choice Questions and Answers 19 PDF Book Download

Electromagnetism MCQs, electromagnetism quiz answers 19 to learn high school physics courses online. Transformer multiple choice questions (MCQs), electromagnetism quiz questions and answers for online school degrees. High voltage transmission, electromagnetic induction, lenz law, lenz's law test for high school teacher certification.

Learn high school physics multiple choice questions (MCQs): through a conductor, an electric current produces a, with choices magnetism, mechanical energy, potential difference, and magnetic field for online school degrees. Free physics study guide for online learning transformer quiz questions to attempt multiple choice questions based test.

MCQ on Electromagnetism Worksheets 19 PDF Book Download

MCQ: Power is transmitted over long distances at high voltage to minimize

  1. loss of energy
  2. loss of air
  3. loss of light
  4. cost


MCQ: Through a conductor, an electric current produces a

  1. mechanical energy
  2. magnetism
  3. potential difference
  4. magnetic field


MCQ: Direction of induced emf in a circuit is in accordance with law of

  1. conservation of mass
  2. conservation of charge
  3. conservation of energy
  4. conservation of momentum


MCQ: Direction of an induced current in a circuit is always such that it opposes cause that produces it. This law was introduced by

  1. Faraday
  2. Lenz
  3. Fleming
  4. Johns Burge


MCQ: By reducing current through cable, power loss in form of heat dissipation can be

  1. increased
  2. reduced
  3. constant
  4. none of the above