Current Electricity Multiple Choice Questions and Answers 25 PDF Book Download

Current electricity MCQs, current electricity quiz answers 25 to learn high school online courses. Physics for class 10 multiple choice questions (MCQs), current electricity quiz questions and answers for for online school degrees. Physics: electricity, direct current and alternating current, electric shocks, electric power, electromotive force test for high school teacher certification.

Learn high school physics multiple choice questions (MCQs): current which changes its direction of flow after regular intervals of time is called, with choices direct current, negative current, alternative current, and fixed current for online school degrees. Free physics study guide for online learning physics for class 10 quiz questions to attempt multiple choice questions based test.

MCQ on Current Electricity Worksheets 25 PDF Book Download

MCQ: A sensitive instrument that detects current in a circuit and always connected in series with circuit is called

  1. vernier calipers
  2. galvanometer
  3. ammeter
  4. voltmeter


MCQ: Current which changes its direction of flow after regular intervals of time is called

  1. negative current
  2. direct current
  3. alternative current
  4. fixed current


MCQ: Dry human skin has a resistance of

  1. 100, 000 Ω
  2. 300 Ω
  3. 20 Ω
  4. 100 Ω


MCQ: In a light bulb of 60 W, current in a bulb fluctuates 50 times in each second between

  1. −0.51 A to 0.51 A
  2. −0.61 A to 0.61 A
  3. −0.71 A to 0.71 A
  4. −0.81 A to 0.81 A


MCQ: Positive terminal of battery is connected to voltmeter's

  1. both terminals
  2. negative terminal
  3. positive terminal
  4. none of the above