Current Electricity Multiple Choice Questions and Answers 11 PDF Download

Learn current electricity MCQs, grade 10 physics test 11 for learning online courses and test prep. Physics electricity multiple choice questions (MCQs), current electricity quiz questions and answers include physics worksheets for online high school physics courses distance learning.

Physics multiple choice questions (MCQ): if 0.6 c charge passes through a wire in 12 s, then current flowing through wire is with options 60 ma, 70 ma, 50 ma and 25 ma, physics electricity quiz with eBooks online to download for problem-solving skills for charter school and high school students. Free physics study guide to learn physics electricity quiz to attempt multiple choice questions based test.

MCQs on Current Electricity Worksheets 11 Quiz PDF Download

MCQ: If 0.6 C charge passes through a wire in 12 s, then current flowing through wire is

  1. 70 mA
  2. 60 mA
  3. 50 mA
  4. 25 mA


MCQ: Insulations around wires are damaged due to

  1. less current
  2. less voltage
  3. high current
  4. high voltage


MCQ: Current flowing from positive to negative terminal of a battery due to flow of positive charges is known as

  1. electromotive current
  2. resolving current
  3. potential current
  4. conventional current


MCQ: All materials contain

  1. some gas
  2. capacitors
  3. voltage
  4. electrons


MCQ: A very large unit of electric energy is needed which is called

  1. watt-hour
  2. kilowatt-hour
  3. kilogram-second
  4. kilowatt-second