Current Electricity Multiple Choice Questions and Answers 20 PDF Book Download

Current electricity multiple choice questions and answers (MCQs), current electricity quiz answers, test prep 20 to learn high school physics for online certificate programs. Electrical energy and joules law MCQs, current electricity quiz questions and answers for online education programs. Learn direct current and alternating current, electromotive force, electrical energy and joules law, ohm's law test prep for online degrees.

Learn high school physics MCQs: potential difference across a circuit component can be measured by a, with choices galvanometer, vernier calipers, ammeter, and voltmeter for online education programs. Free physics study guide for online learning electrical energy and joules law quiz questions to attempt multiple choice test for taking online classes.

MCQs on Current Electricity Worksheets 20 PDF Book Download

MCQ: Positive and negative terminals of direct current have

  1. no polarity
  2. fixed polarity
  3. variable polarity
  4. always negative polarity


MCQ: Potential difference across a circuit component can be measured by a

  1. vernier calipers
  2. galvanometer
  3. ammeter
  4. voltmeter


MCQ: SI unit for electromotive force is

  1. J-1
  2. C-1
  3. JC-1
  4. km-1


MCQ: Rate of energy transferred if a current of 0.5 A passes through a bulb connected across a battery of 6 V for 20 s is

  1. 80 J
  2. 20 J
  3. 30 J
  4. 60 J


MCQ: By applying a potential difference of 7 V across a conductor, a current of 2 A passes through it. energy obtained in 2.5 minutes is

  1. 2000 J
  2. 2500 J
  3. 2100 J
  4. 1800 J