Atomic and Nuclear Physics Multiple Choice Questions and Answers 10 PDF Book Download

Atomic and nuclear physics MCQs, atomic and nuclear physics quiz answers 10 to learn high school online courses. Radioisotopes multiple choice questions (MCQs), atomic and nuclear physics quiz questions and answers for for online school degrees. Radioisotope and uses, half life measurement, nuclear fusion test for high school teacher certification.

Learn high school physics multiple choice questions (MCQs): rate of radioactive decay is proportional to number of, with choices unstable protons, unstable nuclei, unstable electrons, and unstable atoms for online school degrees. Free physics study guide for online learning radioisotopes quiz questions to attempt multiple choice questions based test.

MCQ on Atomic and Nuclear Physics Worksheets 10 PDF Book Download

MCQ: Artificially produced radioactive elements are known as

  1. ions
  2. radiants
  3. radioisotopes
  4. transmutations


MCQ: Rate of radioactive decay is proportional to number of

  1. unstable nuclei
  2. unstable protons
  3. unstable electrons
  4. unstable atoms


MCQ: During secondhalf-life original material is decayed

  1. one quarter
  2. two quarter
  3. three quarter
  4. all of it


MCQ: Rate of radioactive decay is proportional to

  1. nature of rays
  2. no. of electron
  3. no. of protons
  4. no. of unstable nuclei


MCQ: In nuclear fusion, as compared to masses of original nuclei, final nucleus is always

  1. equal
  2. more
  3. less
  4. zero