Algebraic Formulas and Applications Multiple Choice Questions and Answers 3 PDF Book Download

Algebraic formulas and applications MCQs, algebraic formulas and applications quiz answers 3 to learn high school math courses online. Surds and surds applications multiple choice questions (MCQs), algebraic formulas and applications quiz questions and answers for online school degrees. Surds and surds applications, math formulas test for high school teacher certification.

Learn high school math multiple choice questions (MCQs): surds having same irrational factor are called, with choices unlike surds, similar surds, mixed surds, and pure surds for online school degrees. Free math study guide for online learning surds and surds applications quiz questions to attempt multiple choice questions based test.

MCQ on Algebraic Formulas and Applications Worksheets 3 PDF Book Download

MCQ: A surd which has unity only as rational fraction and other factors being irrational is said to be

  1. mixed surd
  2. pure surd
  3. similar surd
  4. unlike surd


MCQ: Surds having same irrational factor are called

  1. similar surds
  2. unlike surds
  3. mixed surds
  4. pure surds


MCQ: Surds having no irrational factor are called

  1. pure surds
  2. mixed surds
  3. similar surds
  4. unlike surds


MCQ: When product of two surds is rational, then each one of them is called the

  1. prime factor of each other
  2. irrationalizing factor of each other
  3. rationalizing factor of each other
  4. binomial factor of each other


MCQ: (a + b)² - (a - b)² is equal to

  1. 2ab
  2. a² - b²
  3. 4ab
  4. a² + b²