Types of Nouns Multiple Choice Questions and Answers 2 PDF Download

Study types of nouns multiple choice questions, grade 10 online english 2, nouns multiple choice questions with answers as michael was a great singer. (which word is predicate noun?), below. Free assessment test for online study nouns quiz questions to attempt multiple choice questions based test.

MCQs on Types of Nouns - Quiz 2

MCQ: Michael was a great singer. (Which word is predicate noun?)

  1. singer
  2. Michael
  3. was
  4. great


MCQ: Alice's father is a surgeon, he mostly does not have time to spend with his family. (Which word is a singular possessive noun?)

  1. surgeon
  2. time
  3. family
  4. Alice's father


MCQ: I checked all primary classrooms, no one was there. (Which word is a compound noun?)

  1. checked
  2. classrooms
  3. primary
  4. there


MCQ: Adam's and John's ideas were greatly different. (Which word is a compounded possessive noun?)

  1. Adam's and John's
  2. ideas
  3. different
  4. greatly


MCQ: She is mother, and a great teacher too. (Which word is a predicate noun?)

  1. great
  2. too
  3. mother
  4. teacher