The Atmosphere Multiple Choice Questions Online 1 PDF eBook Download

The atmosphere multiple choice questions (MCQs), the atmosphere quiz answers, test prep 1 to learn high school chemistry for online certificate programs. Practice air pollutants MCQs, the atmosphere quiz questions and answers for online certifications. Learn air pollutants, climatology, meteorology, atmospheric?chemistry test prep for online teaching certification programs.

Learn chemistry MCQs: solvents used for cleaning electronic circuit boards are, with choices carbons, chlorofluorocarbons, fluorides, and grease for online certifications. Free chemistry study guide for online learning air pollutants quiz questions for online study.

The Atmosphere MCQs Quiz 1 PDF eBook Download

MCQ: Solvents used for cleaning electronic circuit boards are

  1. chlorofluorocarbons
  2. carbons
  3. fluorides
  4. grease


MCQ: Percentage of neon in air is

  1. 0.00%
  2. 0.00%
  3. 0.00%
  4. 0.00%


MCQ: At every 1 km increase in altitude, air gets about

  1. 10°C cooler
  2. 6.5°C hotter
  3. 6.5°C cooler
  4. 20°C cooler


MCQ: PH of acid rain is

  1. more than 5.6
  2. less than 5.6
  3. 10
  4. 7


MCQ: Atmosphere is divided in to

  1. 2 layers
  2. 3 layers
  3. 1 layer
  4. 4 layers