Environmental Chemistry I Atmosphere Multiple Choice Questions and Answers 9 PDF Book Download

Environmental chemistry i atmosphere MCQs, environmental chemistry i atmosphere quiz answers 9 to learn high school chemistry courses online. Environmental issues multiple choice questions (MCQs), environmental chemistry i atmosphere quiz questions and answers for online school degrees. Air pollution, layers of atmosphere, environmental issues test for high school teacher certification.

Learn high school chemistry multiple choice questions (MCQs): most of dust particles and water vapours are present in, with choices stratosphere, troposphere, mesosphere, and thermosphere for online school degrees. Free chemistry study guide for online learning environmental issues quiz questions to attempt multiple choice questions based test.

MCQ on Environmental Chemistry I Atmosphere Worksheets 9 PDF Book Download

MCQ: Majority of UV rays are screened out by

  1. Oxygen
  2. Nitrogen
  3. Ozone
  4. Carbon


MCQ: Most of dust particles and water vapours are present in

  1. Troposphere
  2. Stratosphere
  3. Mesosphere
  4. Thermosphere


MCQ: Which of following comes mainly due to combustion of fuel used in motor vehicles?

  1. CFCs
  2. Methane
  3. Carbon monoxide
  4. Lead compounds


MCQ: Which of following causes headache and dizziness and can even cause death if inhaled for a long time?

  1. Sulphur dioxide
  2. Carbon dioxide
  3. Nitrogen dioxide
  4. Carbon monoxide


MCQ: Anything that has a harmful effect on some part of environment is called

  1. Dirt
  2. Virus
  3. Pollutant
  4. None of these