Chemical Industries Multiple Choice Questions and Answers 2 PDF Download

Learn chemical industries multiple choice questions, online grade 10 chemistry test 2 for high school degree online courses, distance learning for exam prep. Practice petroleum multiple choice questions (MCQs), chemical industries quiz questions and answers for chemistry class for online chemical reaction courses distance learning.

Study high school chemistry multiple choice questions (MCQs): boiling point of lubricating oil is with options 350?c to 500? c, 270?c to 340?c, 500?c to 600?c and more than 500?c, petroleum quiz with online student portal questions to ask to help in teaching methods and teaching strategies. Free chemistry study guide for online learning petroleum quiz questions to attempt multiple choice questions based test.

MCQs on Chemical Industries Worksheets 2 Quiz PDF Download

MCQ: Boiling point of lubricating oil is

  1. 270?C to 340?C
  2. 350?C to 500? C
  3. 500?C to 600?C
  4. More than 500?C


MCQ: Process in which some minerals are converted to oxide by heating in air at temperature below their melting point is called

  1. Roasting
  2. Smelting
  3. Bessemerization
  4. Concentration


MCQ: Boiling point of fuel oil is

  1. 270?C to 340?C
  2. 350?C to 500? C
  3. 500?C to 600?C
  4. More than 500?C


MCQ: Number of carbon atoms per molecule in lubricating oil are

  1. 14 to 20
  2. 20 to 50
  3. 50 to 70
  4. More than 70


MCQ: Crude oil is converted in to useful products by

  1. drilling
  2. Solvay process
  3. roasting
  4. refining