Biochemistry Multiple Choice Questions and Answers 7 PDF Download

Learn biochemistry multiple choice questions, grade 10 chemistry online test 7 for high school degree online courses, distance learning for exam prep. Practice vitamin facts multiple choice questions (MCQs), biochemistry quiz questions and answers for chemistry class for online home chemistry courses distance learning.

Study high school chemistry multiple choice questions (MCQs): which of following is important in vision?, for free online courses with choices vitamin b, vitamin a, vitamin c, and vitamin d, vitamin facts quiz with classroom questions and answers for students with pdf download eBooks. Free chemistry study guide for online learning vitamin facts quiz questions to attempt multiple choice questions based test.

MCQs on Biochemistry Worksheets 7 Quiz PDF Download

MCQ: Which of following is important in vision?

  1. Vitamin A
  2. Vitamin B
  3. Vitamin C
  4. Vitamin D


MCQ: Which of following is true about DNA?

  1. It is present in cell nucleus
  2. It has single strand
  3. It has ribose sugar
  4. It is synthesized by RNA


MCQ: Physical state of fat at room temperature is

  1. Solid
  2. Liquid
  3. Gas
  4. Plasma


MCQ: Which of following protects our heart and kidneys from injury?

  1. Skin
  2. Muscles
  3. Lubricants
  4. Fat


MCQ: Which of following is used as catalyst in hydrogenation reaction?

  1. Ni
  2. Pd
  3. Pt
  4. All of these