Biochemistry Multiple Choice Questions 22 PDF Download

Learn biochemistry MCQs, grade 10 chemistry test 22 for online courses learning and test prep, carbohydrates multiple choice questions and answers. Carbohydrates revision test includes chemistry worksheets to learn for online organic chemistry tutor course test.

Chemistry multiple choice questions (MCQ) on which of following is main sugar in milk and dairy products? with options sucrose, glucose, maltose and lactose, carbohydrates quiz for competitive exam prep, viva interview questions with answers key. Free chemistry study guide to learn carbohydrates quiz to attempt multiple choice questions based test.

MCQs on Biochemistry Quiz PDF Download Worksheets 22

MCQ. Which of following is main sugar in milk and dairy products?

  1. Glucose
  2. Sucrose
  3. Maltose
  4. Lactose


MCQ. Which of following are further classified as trioses, tetroses, pentoses, hexoses etc?

  1. Monosaccharides
  2. Oligosaccharides
  3. Polysaccharides
  4. Starch


MCQ. How many carbon atoms are contained by monosaccharides?

  1. 2 to 9
  2. 3 to 6
  3. 4 to 8
  4. 10 to 15


MCQ. Which of following experimentally proved that in addition to carbohydrates, fats, proteins, and minerals, certain missing factors were also required for healthy growth?

  1. C. Eijkman
  2. F.G Hopkins
  3. Casmir Funk
  4. None of these


MCQ. Excess energy is stored by plants in form of

  1. Starch
  2. Glucose
  3. Glycogen
  4. Cellulose