Acids Bases and Salts Multiple Choice Questions and Answers 5 PDF Download

Learn acids bases and salts multiple choice questions, grade 10 chemistry online test 5 for high school degree online courses, distance learning for exam prep. Practice acids and bases concepts multiple choice questions (MCQs), acids bases and salts quiz questions and answers for chemistry class for online organic chemistry tutor courses distance learning.

Study high school chemistry multiple choice questions (MCQs): acids ionize in water to produce, for free online courses with choices h+ ions, oh- ions, so4-2 ions, and h2o molecules, acids and bases concepts quiz to improve study tips by practicing old exams an with interactive trivia questions and answers. Free chemistry study guide for online learning acids and bases concepts quiz questions to attempt multiple choice questions based test.

MCQs on Acids Bases and Salts Worksheets 5 Quiz PDF Download

MCQ: Acids ionize in water to produce

  1. OH- ions
  2. H+ ions
  3. SO4-2 ions
  4. H2O molecules


MCQ: Salt among following is

  1. HCl
  2. KCl
  3. HNO3
  4. H3PO4


MCQ: Bases leaves blue litmus

  1. red
  2. pint
  3. black
  4. unchanged