Support and Movement Multiple Choice Questions and Answers 20 PDF Download

Support and movement multiple choice questions (MCQs), support and movement test prep 20 to learn online high school courses, distance learning for exam prep. Practice muscles and movements multiple choice questions (MCQs), support and movement quiz questions and answers for biology class for online cancer biology courses distance learning.

Study high school biology multiple choice questions (MCQs): phenomena in which one muscle contracts while other muscle relaxes is called, for for online secondary education degree with options extensism, extremism, protagonism, and antagonism, muscles and movements quiz for online high school learning with cooperative learning portal for biology grade 10 students. Free biology study guide for online learning muscles and movements quiz questions to attempt multiple choice questions based test.

MCQ on Support and Movement Worksheets 20 Quiz PDF Download

MCQ: Phenomena in which one muscle contracts while other muscle relaxes is called

  1. extremism
  2. extensism
  3. protagonism
  4. antagonism


MCQ: Bones and cartilages are made of

  1. Dead cells
  2. White blood cells
  3. Red blood cells
  4. Living cells


MCQ: Joints between skull bones are called

  1. Slightly moveable joints
  2. Fixed joints
  3. Ball and socket joints
  4. Moveable joints


MCQ: Joints in human body that allows no movement are called

  1. ball-and-socket joints
  2. moveable joints
  3. slightly moveable joints
  4. immoveable joints


MCQ: Which of following statements is not true about muscles?

  1. They can pull
  2. They can contract
  3. They can relax
  4. They can push