Support and Movement Multiple Choice Questions and Answers 3 PDF Download

Support and movement Multiple Choice Questions and Answers (MCQs), support and movement quiz answers pdf, test prep 3 to study high school biology for online degree courses. Practice "human skeleton" MCQs, support and movement quiz questions and answers for taking online classes. Learn types of joints, human skeleton, disorders of skeletal system, muscles and movements test prep for online learning.

"The examples of slightly moveable joints are the joints between the" Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) on support and movement with choices skull bones, vertebrae, ear ossicles, and invertebral discs for taking online classes. Free biology study guide for online learning human skeleton quiz questions for distance learning.

Support and Movement MCQs Quiz 3 PDF Download

MCQ: The examples of slightly moveable joints are the joints between the

  1. vertebrae
  2. skull bones
  3. ear ossicles
  4. invertebral discs


MCQ: Hyaline cartilage is strong yet

  1. flexible
  2. hard
  3. soft
  4. non flexible


MCQ: Arthritis is defined as inflammation in

  1. bones
  2. joints
  3. cartilage
  4. muscles


MCQ: The longest bone in our body is

  1. leg bone
  2. arm bone
  3. vertebral column
  4. thigh bone


MCQ: Which of the following is pulled when a muscle contracts?

  1. bone
  2. origin
  3. insertion
  4. none of above