Reproduction Multiple Choice Questions and Answers 30 PDF Download

Learn reproduction multiple choice questions, grade 10 biology online test 30 for high school degree online courses, distance learning for exam prep. Practice endosperm multiple choice questions (MCQs), reproduction quiz questions and answers for biology class for online molecular cell biology courses distance learning.

Study high school biology multiple choice questions (MCQs): endosperm is rich in starch and, for free online courses with choices lipids, proteins, carbohydrates, and sugar, endosperm quiz for online teacher certification preparation with online training questions and answers. Free biology study guide for online learning endosperm quiz questions to attempt multiple choice questions based test.

MCQs on Reproduction Worksheets 30 Quiz PDF Download

MCQ: Endosperm is rich in starch and

  1. Proteins
  2. Lipids
  3. Carbohydrates
  4. Sugar


MCQ: Units of fourth whorl of flower are known as

  1. ovules
  2. macrospore
  3. stigma
  4. carpel


MCQ: Production of individuals of same genus is called

  1. reproduction
  2. fission offspring
  3. fragmented offspring
  4. budded offspring


MCQ: Plants that reproduce through tubers are

  1. dasheen and garlic
  2. yams and potatoes
  3. onion and potatoes
  4. onion and dasheen


MCQ: Seeds that are ripe but do not germinated are called

  1. dormant seeds
  2. ovular seeds
  3. haploid seeds
  4. diploid seeds