Pharmacology Multiple Choice Questions 19 PDF Download

Learn pharmacology MCQs, grade 10 biology test 19 for online courses learning and test prep, lymphocytes multiple choice questions and answers. Lymphocytes revision test includes biology worksheets to learn for essential cell biology questions with answers.

Biology multiple choice questions (MCQ) on b-lymphocytes recognize the with options dead pathogens, living pathogens, weak pathogens and active pathogens, lymphocytes quiz for competitive exam prep, viva interview questions with answers key. Free biology study guide to learn lymphocytes quiz to attempt multiple choice questions based test.

MCQs on Pharmacology Quiz PDF Download Worksheets 19

MCQ. B-lymphocytes recognize the

  1. Living pathogens
  2. Dead pathogens
  3. Weak pathogens
  4. Active pathogens


MCQ. Which of following scientists discovered antibiotic penicillin?

  1. Joseph Lister
  2. Alexander Flemming
  3. Bu Ali Sina
  4. None of these


MCQ. Cephalosporin antibiotics are used in treatment of

  1. lung cancer
  2. bronchitis
  3. urinary tract infection
  4. intestine infection


MCQ. Vaccines are used to develop immunity against

  1. Bacterial infection
  2. Viral infection
  3. Fungal infection
  4. Vira and bacterial infection


MCQ. Narcotics drugs such as codeine and morphine acts directly on

  1. lungs and kidneys
  2. central nervous system
  3. kidneys and livers
  4. heart and lungs