Man and Environment Multiple Choice Questions and Answers 8 PDF Download

Learn man and environment MCQs, grade 10 biology test 8 for online learning courses and test prep. Interactions in ecosystem multiple choice questions (MCQs), man and environment quiz questions and answers include biology worksheets for online microbiology courses distance learning.

Biology multiple choice questions (MCQ): ipcc was established in with options 1970, 1980, 1950 and 1990, interactions in ecosystem quiz with online student guide with quiz questions and answers to prepare for schools' competitions. Free biology study guide to learn interactions in ecosystem quiz to attempt multiple choice questions based test.

MCQs on Man and Environment Worksheets 8 Quiz PDF Download

MCQ: IPCC was established in

  1. 1980
  2. 1970
  3. 1950
  4. 1990


MCQ: Pakistan developed National conservation strategy I n

  1. 1990
  2. 1991
  3. 1993
  4. 1992


MCQ: Constant flow of energy is from producer to

  1. Consumer
  2. Producer
  3. Herbivores
  4. Carnivores


MCQ: Process of nitrates utilization by organisms is classified as

  1. assimilation
  2. nitrification
  3. denitrification
  4. ammonification


MCQ: Law which states that energy is only transformed from one state into another and it is never destroyed nor created is called

  1. law of momentum
  2. law of nuclear fission
  3. law of kinematics
  4. law of thermodynamics