Man and Environment Multiple Choice Questions and Answers 36 PDF Book Download

Man and environment MCQs, man and environment quiz answers 36 to learn high school biology courses online. Levels of ecological organization multiple choice questions (MCQs), man and environment quiz questions and answers for online school degrees. Levels of ecological organization, interactions in ecosystems, conservation of nature, interactions in ecosystem test for high school teacher certification.

Learn high school biology multiple choice questions (MCQs): parasites that live inside host's body are called, with choices ectoparasites, temporary parasites, endoparasites, and permanent parasites for online school degrees. Free biology study guide for online learning levels of ecological organization quiz questions to attempt multiple choice questions based test.

MCQ on Man and Environment Worksheets 36 PDF Book Download

MCQ: Autotrophs present in an ecosystem are called

  1. Primary consumers
  2. Secondary consumers
  3. Decomposers
  4. Producers


MCQ: Parasites that live inside host's body are called

  1. Temporary parasites
  2. Ectoparasites
  3. Endoparasites
  4. Permanent parasites


MCQ: A recycling of one tonne of paper can save

  1. 120 trees
  2. 130 trees
  3. 17 trees
  4. 18 trees


MCQ: In 2010 human population was

  1. 172,510,000
  2. 171,510,000
  3. 170,520,000
  4. 173,510,000


MCQ: Thickness of biosphere is

  1. 20 km
  2. 30km
  3. 40km
  4. 50km