Man and Environment Multiple Choice Questions 19 PDF Download

Learn man and environment MCQs, grade 10 biology test 19 for online courses learning and test prep, 10th grade biology worksheets multiple choice questions and answers. 10th grade biology worksheets revision test includes biology worksheets to learn for admission in online schools for biology.

Biology multiple choice questions (MCQ) on oxides of nitrogen (no, no2) are dissolved in water to form with options citric acid and nitrous acid, nitric acid and nitrous acid, nitrates and nitric acid and hydrogen, 10th grade biology worksheets quiz for competitive exam prep, viva interview questions with answers key. Free biology study guide to learn 10th grade biology worksheets quiz to attempt multiple choice questions based test.

MCQs on Man and Environment Quiz PDF Download Worksheets 19

MCQ. Oxides of nitrogen (NO, NO2) are dissolved in water to form

  1. nitric acid and nitrous acid
  2. citric acid and nitrous acid
  3. nitrates
  4. nitric acid and hydrogen


MCQ. Number of tanneries in Kasur city is

  1. 300
  2. 250
  3. 400
  4. 200


MCQ. All animals, Fungi, protozoa and many bacteria are examples of

  1. Producer
  2. Decomposer
  3. Consumer
  4. Biotic components


MCQ. Type of symbiosis smaller partner harms larger partner and derives food from its body is called

  1. parasitism
  2. mutualism
  3. demonism
  4. commensalism


MCQ. Building block of different types of bio-molecules is

  1. carbon atom
  2. nitrogen atom
  3. oxygen atom
  4. protein cycles