Inheritance Multiple Choice Questions and Answers 23 PDF Download

Learn inheritance MCQs, grade 10 biology test 23 for online learning courses and test prep, introduction to genetics multiple choice questions and answers. Introduction to genetics revision test includes biology worksheets to learn for online essential cell biology courses distance learning.

Biology multiple choice questions (MCQ): plant that was selected for mendel, work with options maize plant, corn plant, sugar cane and pea plant, introduction to genetics quiz with tests online learning for high school students, distance learning skills improvement by school students. Free biology study guide to learn introduction to genetics quiz to attempt multiple choice questions based test.

MCQs on Inheritance Quiz PDF Download Worksheets 23

MCQ: Plant that was selected for Mendel, work

  1. Corn plant
  2. Maize plant
  3. Sugar cane
  4. Pea plant


MCQ: In Mendel's experiment, parental generation of pea plant is known as

  1. G2 generation
  2. G1 generation
  3. P2 generation
  4. P1 generation


MCQ: Law which states that traits are independently inherited and are different in nature is called

  1. law of co-dominance
  2. law of segregation
  3. law of dependent assortment
  4. law of independent assortment


MCQ: All instructions for proper functions of a cell is carried by

  1. Genes
  2. DNA
  3. Chromosomes
  4. Chromatin


MCQ: Term homozygous is also called

  1. dominant breeding
  2. recessive breeding
  3. true breeding
  4. free breeding