Homeostasis Multiple Choice Questions and Answers 22 PDF Book Download

Homeostasis MCQs, homeostasis quiz answers 22 to learn high school biology courses online. Plant homeostasis multiple choice questions (MCQs), homeostasis quiz questions and answers for online school degrees. Human urinary system, urinary system facts, urinary system of humans, plant homeostasis test for high school teacher certification.

Learn high school biology multiple choice questions (MCQs): inner, pale red part of kidney is called, with choices renal medulla, renal cortex, renal pelvis, and renal pyramid for online school degrees. Free biology study guide for online learning plant homeostasis quiz questions to attempt multiple choice questions based test.

MCQ on Homeostasis Worksheets 22 PDF Book Download

MCQ: In urine formation second step selective re-absorption, descending limb of loop is responsible for

  1. reabsorption of water
  2. reabsorption of salts
  3. reabsorption of white cells
  4. reabsorption of white cells


MCQ: Inner, pale red part of kidney is called

  1. Renal cortex
  2. Renal medulla
  3. Renal pelvis
  4. Renal pyramid


MCQ: Normal PH of blood is

  1. 7.35-7.45
  2. 3.35-3.45
  3. 9.35-9.45
  4. 2.35-2.45


MCQ: Process of water removal in form of vapors from surface of plants is classified as

  1. excretion
  2. transpiration
  3. transportation
  4. guttation


MCQ: Kidneys are protected by

  1. Last 2 ribs
  2. Last 4 ribs
  3. Last 6 ribs
  4. Last 8 ribs