Homeostasis Multiple Choice Questions 13 PDF Download

Learn homeostasis MCQs, grade 10 biology test 13 for online courses learning and test prep, human urinary system multiple choice questions and answers. Human urinary system revision test includes biology worksheets to learn for online biomedical course test.

Biology multiple choice questions (MCQ) on considering functioning of kidney, third step is with options elective absorption, papillary re-absorption, tubular secretion and selective re-absorption, human urinary system quiz for competitive exam prep, viva interview questions with answers key. Free biology study guide to learn human urinary system quiz to attempt multiple choice questions based test.

MCQs on Homeostasis Quiz PDF Download Worksheets 13

MCQ. Considering functioning of kidney, third step is

  1. papillary re-absorption
  2. elective absorption
  3. tubular secretion
  4. selective re-absorption


MCQ. Which of following is considered to be Islam's greatest surgeon who also invented procedures for surgical removal of kidney stones?

  1. Abu Nasr al-Farabi
  2. Bu Ali sina
  3. Ibn-Al-Haytham
  4. Abu al-Qasim Al-Zahrawi


MCQ. Procedure of maintaining amounts of salt and water in tissue fluids and blood is called

  1. homeostasis
  2. excretion
  3. osmoregulation
  4. thermoregulation


MCQ. In renal corpuscle of human kidneys, network of capillaries is known as

  1. distal convoluted tubule
  2. proximal convoluted tubule
  3. Bowman's capsule
  4. glomerulus


MCQ. Procedure of maintaining internal temperature of body is classified as

  1. thermoregulation
  2. osmoregulation
  3. excretion
  4. glucoregulation