Coordination and Control Multiple Choice Questions and Answers 86 PDF Download

Coordination and control multiple choice questions (MCQs), coordination and control test prep 86 to learn online high school courses, distance learning for exam prep. Practice human receptors multiple choice questions (MCQs), coordination and control quiz questions and answers for biology class for online biology lab courses distance learning.

Study high school biology multiple choice questions (MCQs): convex lens located behind iris is responsible for light focus on, for for online secondary education degree with options choroid, retina, sclera, and aqueous humor, human receptors quiz with online student portal questions to ask to help in teaching methods and teaching strategies. Free biology study guide for online learning human receptors quiz questions to attempt multiple choice questions based test.

MCQ on Coordination and Control Worksheets 86 Quiz PDF Download

MCQ: Convex lens located behind iris is responsible for light focus on

  1. retina
  2. choroid
  3. sclera
  4. aqueous humor


MCQ: Sclera gives eye most of its

  1. Brown colour
  2. Green colour
  3. Black colour
  4. White colour


MCQ: Continuation of medulla oblongata is

  1. Spinal nerves
  2. Spinal cord
  3. Spinal column
  4. Spinal region


MCQ: When any of cones is not working well, it causes a disease called

  1. Cholera
  2. Colour blindness
  3. Night blindness
  4. Cataract


MCQ: In human body, functioning of muscles is affected by less production of hormone classified as

  1. parathormone
  2. hyperthormone
  3. hypothormone
  4. parathyroid