Coordination and Control Multiple Choice Questions and Answers 63 PDF Download

Learn coordination and control MCQs, grade 10 biology test 63 for online learning courses and test prep. Disorders of nervous system multiple choice questions (MCQs), coordination and control quiz questions and answers include biology worksheets for online genetics courses distance learning.

Biology multiple choice questions (MCQ): paralysis is caused by damage to the with options nerves, central nervous system, neurons and muscles, disorders of nervous system quiz for online e-learning with secondary school learning and high school education with online student portal. Free biology study guide to learn disorders of nervous system quiz to attempt multiple choice questions based test.

MCQs on Coordination and Control Worksheets 63 Quiz PDF Download

MCQ: Paralysis is caused by damage to the

  1. Central nervous system
  2. Nerves
  3. Neurons
  4. Muscles


MCQ: Vasopressin hormone secreted by posterior lobe of pituitary gland is also known as

  1. prolactin hormone
  2. lactose hormone
  3. antidiuretic hormone
  4. diuretic hormone


MCQ: Rods and cones are contained by

  1. Choroid
  2. Cornea
  3. Retina
  4. Fovea


MCQ: Nodes of Ranvier is present between areas of myelin on an

  1. Dendrite
  2. Myelin sheath
  3. Axon
  4. Cell body


MCQ: Temperature and dampness of auditory canal is maintained by

  1. Special fluid
  2. Pinna
  3. Tympanum
  4. Wax and hair