Coordination and Control Multiple Choice Questions and Answers 57 PDF Download

Coordination and control multiple choice questions (MCQs), coordination and control test prep 57 to learn online high school courses, distance learning for exam prep. Practice mastering in biology multiple choice questions (MCQs), coordination and control quiz questions and answers for biology class for online biological science subjects courses distance learning.

Study high school biology multiple choice questions (MCQs): in humans pairs of cranial nerves is , for for online secondary education degree with options 13, 31, 12, and 15, mastering in biology quiz with interesting questions to ask in teachers' jobs interview of secondary and high school teachers. Free biology study guide for online learning mastering in biology quiz questions to attempt multiple choice questions based test.

MCQ on Coordination and Control Worksheets 57 Quiz PDF Download

MCQ: In humans pairs of cranial nerves is

  1. 31
  2. 13
  3. 12
  4. 15


MCQ: Part of forebrain which lies below cerebrum is

  1. cerebellum
  2. cerebral hemisphere
  3. thalamus
  4. hypothalamus


MCQ: Pigment contained by Rods is called

  1. Iodopsin
  2. Melanins
  3. Rhodopsin
  4. None of these


MCQ: Hormone released by four glands present in posterior side of thyroid gland is called

  1. hyperthormone
  2. hypothormone
  3. parathyroid
  4. parathormone


MCQ: Level of calcium ions in blood is increased by

  1. Thyroxin
  2. Parathormone
  3. Calcitonin
  4. None of these