Coordination and Control Multiple Choice Questions and Answers 24 PDF Book Download

Coordination and control MCQs, coordination and control quiz answers 24 to learn high school biology courses online. Receptors in humans multiple choice questions (MCQs), coordination and control quiz questions and answers for online school degrees. Life sciences, receptors in humans, neurons, neuroscience, endocrine system test for high school teacher certification.

Learn high school biology multiple choice questions (MCQs): light is focused on retina by, with choices convex lens, concave lens, fovea, and optic disc for online school degrees. Free biology study guide for online learning receptors in humans quiz questions to attempt multiple choice questions based test.

MCQ on Coordination and Control Worksheets 24 PDF Book Download

MCQ: In human body, group formed by neurons enclosed in membrane at certain body parts is called

  1. benign
  2. malign
  3. ganglion
  4. neuroglial


MCQ: Light is focused on retina by

  1. Concave lens
  2. Convex lens
  3. Fovea
  4. Optic disc


MCQ: Neurons that interpret and receive information and stimulate motor neurons are

  1. sensory neurons
  2. motor neurons
  3. interneurons
  4. rotator neurons


MCQ: Sensory areas that receive impulses from skin are contained by

  1. Frontal lobe
  2. Parietal lobe
  3. Occipital lobe
  4. Temporal lobe


MCQ: Pea shaped gland attached to brain's hypothalamus is known as

  1. iodopsin glands
  2. pituitary glands
  3. thyroid gland
  4. rhodopsin glands