Pollution Control MCQs Quiz Worksheet PDF Download

Pollution control multiple choice questions (MCQs), pollution control tesr prep for elementary school distance learning, online courses. Practice air and water pollution multiple choice questions (MCQs), pollution control quiz questions and answers for online planet earth courses distance learning.

Study elementary school courses, online geography degree programs MCQs: kyoto protocol agreement was signed in, for online education degree with options 1997, 1990, 1985, and 1980 with 7th grade geography worksheets online for 7th grade school students and learners. Free geography student portal for online learning pollution control quiz questions, MCQs to find questions answers based online learning tests.

MCQ on Pollution Control Quiz PDF Download

MCQ: Reduce, reuse and recycle principle by which wastes can be reduced is classified as

  1. waste organizer principle
  2. waste management principle
  3. RE principle
  4. 3R principle


MCQ: Kyoto Protocol agreement was signed in

  1. 1997
  2. 1990
  3. 1985
  4. 1980


MCQ: Document that was drafted by India, Brazil, China, United States and South Africa at meeting under UNFCCC is classified as

  1. Greenhouse Accord
  2. United Nation Accord
  3. Copenhagen Accord
  4. Denmark Accord