Maps and Photographs MCQs Quiz Worksheet PDF Download

Maps and photographs multiple choice questions, learn online elementary school geography test prep for exam prep for distance learning, online courses. Practice map skills multiple choice questions (MCQs), maps and photographs quiz questions and answers for online how to learn geography courses distance learning.

Study elementary school courses, online geography degree programs MCQs: kinds of photographs that are used by geographers includes, for online education degree with options satellite images, landscape photographs, aerial photographs, and all of above with online tests for distance learning after learning theories from school textbooks. Free geography student portal for online learning maps and photographs quiz questions, MCQs to find questions answers based online learning tests.

MCQ on Maps and Photographs Quiz PDF Download

MCQ: Color of infrared images that represent sandy areas, beaches and sand dunes is

  1. red-magenta
  2. white-cream
  3. yellow
  4. pink-red


MCQ: Kinds of photographs that are used by geographers includes

  1. satellite images
  2. landscape photographs
  3. aerial photographs
  4. all of above


MCQ: Kind of photographs taken at ground level and have limited camera coverage are classified as

  1. meridian images
  2. satellite images
  3. landscape photographs
  4. aerial photographs


MCQ: Energy that is not seen by eyes and is recorded from surface of Earth is called

  1. zonal energy
  2. meridian energy
  3. infrared energy
  4. false energy


MCQ: Color of infrared images that represent little vegetation cover areas is

  1. yellow
  2. pink-red
  3. red-magenta
  4. white-cream