Earth Main Ecosystems MCQs Quiz Worksheet PDF Download

Earth main ecosystems MCQs, learn geography online test prep for elementary school exam prep for distance learning, free online courses. Practice climate and natural vegetation multiple choice questions (MCQs), earth main ecosystems quiz questions and answers for online geography facts courses distance learning.

Study elementary school courses, online geography degree programs MCQs: range of temperature of areas in which conifers are found is, for online courses with choices −12°c and 20°c, −18°c and 25°c, −30°c and 10°c, and −25°c and 20°c for online distance school education with interactive student portal for examination preparation. Free geography student portal for online learning earth main ecosystems quiz questions, MCQs to find questions answers based online learning tests.

MCQs on Earth Main Ecosystems Quiz PDF Download

MCQ: Range of temperature of areas in which conifers are found is

  1. −12°C and 20°C
  2. −18°C and 25°C
  3. −30°C and 10°C
  4. −25°C and 20°C


MCQ: Kinds of plants that grows in hot desert includes

  1. mosses and lichens
  2. pine and cacti
  3. elephant grass and cacti
  4. tough grasses and short bushes


MCQ: Layer of trees in tropical rainforests in trees grow up to height of 40 to 50 meters is called

  1. ground layer
  2. undergrowth layer
  3. emergent layer
  4. canopy layer


MCQ: Word tundra means

  1. fertile land
  2. barren land
  3. flooded land
  4. drought land


MCQ: Trees that do not shed their leaves are mostly found in

  1. hot desert vegetation
  2. tropical monsoon forests
  3. coniferous forests
  4. temperate deciduous forests