Physics Units of Measurement - Physics Learning 2

Practice Physics Units of Measurement questions with answers. This prep guide includes questions like, how can express liters?, what are base units?, what is pressure and units of pressure?, what are prefixes?, how to express hz in mhz? and others below.

Physics Units of Measurement Learning 2

Question: How can express liters?

Answer: 1L volume is equal to 1000 mL, 1 dm3 and 1000 cm3.

Question: What are base units?

Answer: The units which describe the base quantities are called base units. For example base unit for length is meter. The base unit for temperature is (K), for amount of substance it's mole (mol) and for intensity of light it's candela (cd)

Question: What is pressure and units of pressure?

Answer: As pressure is a derived quantity so it's units would be called derived units. The unit of pressure is pascal (Pa) and 1 Pa is equal to 1 Nm-2.

Question: What are prefixes?

Answer: Words that are added before the SI units are called prefixes, they are usually used to describe very large or small quantities. For example prefix for 103 is kilo. The multiplier for prefix femto is 10-15.

Question: How to express Hz in MHz?

Answer: The quantity 3 300 000 000 Hz can be described in mega Hz as; 3 300*106 Hz or 3300 MHz