Food Energy and Respiration - Science Learning 6

Practice Food Energy and Respiration questions with answers. This prep guide includes questions like, what are cilia and why are they important?, why we should not breathe through mouth?, does bronchi and bronchioles process air?, what is cough?, why is cold caused? and others below.

Food Energy and Respiration Learning 6

Question: What are Cilia and why are they important?

Answer: Cilia are tiny hair like structures present in the throat that aid in the movement of air and trapping dust and germs from reaching the lungs.

Question: Why we should not breathe through mouth?

Answer: Mouth does not contain mucus, blood vessels near the surface or hair that could trap the dust particles or germs.

Question: Does bronchi and bronchioles process air?

Answer: Bronchi and bronchioles does not clean the air because they does not contain cilia. Hence, bronchi and bronchioles contain blood vessels that carry warm blood which make the air warmer. The cell lining in the bronchi and bronchioles also produce tiny amount of mucus which moisten the air.

Question: What is cough?

Answer: Coughing is the sudden clearing of the air passage. But coughing along with sneezing or running nose means that you have cold or you're ill.

Question: Why is cold caused?

Answer: Cold is caused by neither bacteria nor fungi, it is caused by a special virus which enters the nose and throat breaking down the cells that line up these passages.