Food Energy and Respiration - Science Learning 13

Practice Food Energy and Respiration questions with answers. This prep guide includes questions like, what is bronchitis?, who mostly has bronchitis?, what is chance of smokers of dying from bronchitis?, what is passive smoking? and others below.

Food Energy and Respiration Learning 13

Question: What is bronchitis?

Answer: Bronchitis is generally known as the inflammation of lungs. When excess mucus is collected on the cilia lining and in the bronchi, the air passage and breathing tubes get inflamed.

Question: Who mostly has bronchitis?

Answer: Bronchitis is mostly found in smokers. About 95 percent of the people suffering from bronchitis are smokers.

Question: What is chance of smokers of dying from bronchitis?

Answer: The chances of death of smokers due to bronchitis are 20 times more than the chances of death of non-smoker due to bronchitis.

Question: What is passive smoking?

Answer: Even if we do not smoke, there are still risks from tobacco. It is proved by scientists that repeated inhaling of smoke from a nearby smoker can also damage our health. It is known as 'Passive Smoking'. Some scientists say that the harm of passive smoking is same as the harmful effects of active smoking.