Food Energy and Respiration - Science Learning 10

Practice Food Energy and Respiration questions with answers. This prep guide includes questions like, how many chemicals are used in tobacco smoke?, what is major content of cigarette?, what is nicotine?, what are effects of nicotine?, which harmful chemical is black in color? and others below.

Food Energy and Respiration Learning 10

Question: How many chemicals are used in tobacco smoke?

Answer: When we smoke tobacco, we are inhaling very harmful chemicals. The number of chemicals present in a cigarette is nearly 300.

Question: What is major content of cigarette?

Answer: The major content of these chemicals is Nicotine. There are other harmful contents as well like Tar, Carbon monoxide etc., that are very harmful for your health.

Question: What is Nicotine?

Answer: Nicotine is an addictive drug that causes the smoker to smoke more cigarettes day by day. It is a major drug because it prevents the victim from avoiding tobacco and cigarettes.

Question: What are effects of Nicotine?

Answer: Nicotine is a drug that increases the heart beat of a smoker, it narrows the arteries and so causes high blood pressure.

Question: Which harmful chemical is black in color?

Answer: Tar is the chemical which has a blackish shade. It is one of the most harmful chemicals because it damages the respiratory more than any other chemical present in the cigarette.