Uranus MCQs Quiz Worksheet PDF Download

Learn uranus MCQs, earth science test for online learning courses and test prep to practice. Planets for kids multiple choice questions (MCQ), uranus quiz questions and answers for earth science careers exam prep.

Earth science practice test MCQ: color of uranus is with options blue, orange, red and blue-green for online e-learning with elementary education, secondary education and distance learning. Free Earth science revision notes to learn uranus quiz with MCQs to find questions answers based online learning tests.

MCQs on Uranus Quiz PDF Download

MCQ: Color of Uranus is

  1. blue
  2. orange
  3. red
  4. blue-green


MCQ: An Amateur astronomer William Herschel discovered a planet in 1781 named

  1. Jupiter
  2. Saturn
  3. Neptune
  4. Uranus


MCQ: Uranus is composed of hydrogen and

  1. methane
  2. oxygen
  3. carbon dioxide
  4. helium


MCQ: Tilt of Uranus is almost by

  1. 10°
  2. 70°
  3. 95°
  4. 90°