Telescopes MCQs Quiz Worksheet PDF Book Download

Telescopes MCQs, telescopes quiz answers for online elementary school courses. Space science multiple choice questions (MCQs), telescopes quiz questions and answers for online school degrees. Optical telescope, patterns on sky, telescopes test prep for teacher certification.

Learn earth science MCQs: rays which are invisible do not includes, with choices x-rays, gamma rays, ultraviolet rays, and blue rays for online school degrees. Free Earth science student portal for online learning telescopes quiz questions, MCQs to find questions answers based online learning tests.

MCQ on Telescopes PDF Book Download

MCQ: Rays which are invisible do not includes

  1. x-rays
  2. gamma rays
  3. ultraviolet rays
  4. blue rays


MCQ: Telescopes are placed in drier place to avoid

  1. heat
  2. pressure
  3. moisture
  4. destruction


MCQ: A point where light rays pass and converge is called its

  1. reflect point
  2. refract point
  3. focal point
  4. objective lenses


MCQ: Rays with longest wavelengths are the

  1. x-rays
  2. radio waves
  3. ultraviolet rays
  4. blue rays


MCQ: A telescope which can detect black holes in space is the

  1. Chandra x-ray Observatory
  2. Hubble Space
  3. Keck Telescope
  4. Radio Telescope