Origins of Igneous Rock MCQs & Quiz Online PDF Book Download

Origins of igneous rock multiple choice questions (MCQs), origins of igneous rock quiz answers to learn elementary school earth science online courses. Rocks and minerals mixtures MCQs, origins of igneous rock quiz questions and answers for online school degrees. Sedimentary rock structures, rocks classification, textures of metamorphic rock, origins of igneous rock test prep for teacher certification.

Learn earth science MCQs: number of ways in which magma can form is, with choices two, three, four, and five for online school degrees. Free Earth science student portal for online learning origins of igneous rock quiz questions, MCQs to find questions answers based online learning tests.

MCQ on Origins of Igneous Rock PDF Book Download

MCQ: Number of ways in which magma can form is

  1. two
  2. three
  3. four
  4. five


MCQ: Liquid magma is a complex mixture containing many melted

  1. rocks
  2. grains
  3. minerals
  4. nutrients


MCQ: General freezing point of magma is

  1. 500°C
  2. 700°C
  3. 1000°C
  4. 1250°C


MCQ: When magma cools, it solidifies to form

  1. black stones
  2. sedimentary rocks
  3. metamorphic rocks
  4. igneous rocks


MCQ: Ways of magma formation could be

  1. rock is heated and rock changes composition
  2. rock is heated and pressure is released
  3. rock is heated, pressure is released and rock changes its composition
  4. rock cools under pressure and pressure release under the crust