Moon of Planets MCQs Quiz Worksheet PDF Download

Multiple choice questions on moon of planets, learn earth science test prep for exam prep for distance learning, online courses. Practice planets for kids multiple choice questions (MCQs), moon of planets quiz questions and answers for earth science help for exam prep.

Study elementary school courses, online earth science degree programs MCQs: largest moon on jupiter is, for online education degree with options europa, ganymede, callisto, and io for online mock tests, competitive exams questions and answers after reading theory and textbooks. Free Earth science student portal for online learning moon of planets quiz questions, MCQs to find questions answers based online learning tests.

MCQ on Moon of Planets Quiz PDF Download

MCQ: Phobos and Deimos are moons of planet

  1. Mars
  2. Venus
  3. Saturn
  4. Jupiter


MCQ: Largest moon on Jupiter is

  1. Europa
  2. Ganymede
  3. Callisto
  4. Io


MCQ: Atmosphere of Triton is made up of

  1. oxygen
  2. nitrogen
  3. water
  4. helium


MCQ: Triton is moon of

  1. Mars
  2. Venus
  3. Saturn
  4. Neptune


MCQ: Christian Huygens discovered largest satellite on Saturn called as

  1. Miranda
  2. Titan
  3. Deimos
  4. Triton