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Deep currents multiple choice questions (MCQs), deep currents quiz answers to learn elementary school earth science online courses. Movement of ocean water MCQs, deep currents quiz questions and answers for online school degrees. Deep currents test prep for teacher certification.

Learn earth science MCQs: factor which influence density of ocean water includes, with choices temperature, volume, acidity, and alkalinity for online school degrees. Free Earth science student portal for online learning deep currents quiz questions, MCQs to find questions answers based online learning tests.

MCQ on Deep Currents PDF Book Download

MCQ: Factor which influence density of ocean water includes

  1. temperature
  2. volume
  3. acidity
  4. alkalinity


MCQ: Movements of ocean water which is stream like and exist below surface is called

  1. surface zone
  2. surface current
  3. deep current
  4. medium zone


MCQ: Water which flows on top of ocean is

  1. more dense
  2. less dense
  3. coldest
  4. hottest


MCQ: Amount of matter in a given substance in particular space or volume is called its

  1. salinity
  2. velocity
  3. density
  4. consistency


MCQ: Deep currents are generated when density of ocean water

  1. increases
  2. decreases
  3. constant
  4. released